Enrollment Agreement

Polk Virtual School (PVS) is a school of choice. During the first 21-days of my child's activation, his/her teacher(s) and counselor, will evaluate his/her performance based on the conditions listed below. The testing requirement is monitored year long.

Below is a list of policies required for enrollment:

  • Students are REQUIRED to take all assessments required by the state and the district. This includes remote and in-person testing.
  • Students should maintain an appropriate academic pace in all courses. Students who fall 2 or more weeks behind the expected pace may be placed on academic probation. 6% behind pace = 5 days absent.
  • Students are to participate in teacher lead instruction. Including but not limited to Live Lessons.
  • Students may be withdrawn from Polk Virtual School and be placed into zoned school at the end of each Quarter (Quarter 1, 2, 3 or 4) for poor pace and/or failing grades.
  • Polk Virtual School courses follow semester deadlines established by the PCPS Calendar. Extensions outside of these dates will not be granted.
  • Academic integrity is the cornerstone of online learning. Students are expected to do their own work and should not cut, copy, or plagiarize Internet content.
  • Parents and students will establish and maintain regular communication with all teachers.
  • Students are to honor all rules and policies established by Polk Virtual and Polk County Public Schools.

Students demonstrating difficulty as an online learner may be required to attend a parent conference to determine if online learning is the best academic environment. Students may also be placed on an academic probation contract with additional stipulations.

If during the initial 21-days, it is determined by the Polk Virtual School staff that my child is not recommended for online education, he/she will be recommended to return to his/her assigned school, with no grade penalty, to pursue a different instructional venue.

If I choose to keep my child enrolled after the 21-day grace period, and PVS has not recommended him/her for online education, I understand that this may result in failing grades and possible future withdrawal for which I will not hold PVS responsible. Students may be subject to retention or to recover lost credits.

Students who fail to work regularly or adhere to the pace chart will be required to meet one-on-one, either virtually or in person, with the instructor. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in these meetings.

Enrollment Criteria

Academic Criteria

  • Students must not have more to two (2) failed courses within the previous year to enroll. No more than one (1) fail course per semester allowed.
  • Participation in grade appropriate Florida State Assessments and/or District Assessments
    • FSA reading, writing, math, and EOC at or near proficiency*
  • Passing grades in core academic courses (Must not have more than 2 failing grades in the prior school year)
  • Suggested cumulative GPA of 2.0 (High School Students)

Providable Services

  • Polk Virtual can provide academic services to most students with IEPs. However, students that have IEPs that require direct instruction, access points and/or reduction in the number of assignments or questions need a specialized instruction that the virtual platform cannot accommodate.


Students must have access to the following in order to participate in Polk Virtual School:

  • Computer (this excludes phones and Chromebooks)
  • Internet access
  • A webcam or built-in camera
  • Full keyboard
  • Microsoft Office
  • An external flash drive may be needed
  • Headphones may be needed when meeting with teachers online
  • Microphone (this can be a built-in computer feature or and external mic)



Polk Virtual Students are permitted to participate in extracurricular activities at their zoned school if given prior approval by the zoned school principal.


Download the Physical Education Waiver here. After filling out this form, please email it to [email protected].